PiV – IN-BETWEEN (WiSe 22-23)


We will start from a ping-pong table as an example for gathering and community spaces and as a basis for negotiating between the apparent poles of the site-specific and the prototypical.

Contemporary artistic positions will provide starting points for conversations on close observation as a way of encountering the unexpected and the unforeseeable, as Hayahisa Tomiyasu’s photographic long-term observation of a ping-pong table demonstrates, and open up possibilities for utopian or speculative world-making as an approach to existing realities, as presented by the collective Omsk Social Club, who create possible worlds and works on existing phenomena in Real Game Play environments.

Based on these examples and accompanied by collective text production and ping pong conversations, we will interact with the public swimming pool building and the ping pong table next to it and develop performative, installational or textual approaches ourselves in order to sharpen individual interests with regard to your main projects.